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 Testimonials from WASP in Malta, February 2017

Additional time spent on the practical session might have been useful - other than that I found the course extremely useful and have already been recommending it to numerous colleagues!


Appropriate length to assimilate material. Very inspiring, engaging, motivating, and helpful course!  Will definitely help me a lot and will recommend to others!


A great experience. Thank you.


This was an excellent course.  I found it excellent for the following reasons: 1) most speakers had vast experience in writing scientific papers and are mostly professors or with PhDs; 2) the course covered most of the issues which one has to deal with when conducting scientific research and issues were presented in a very practical manner; 3) the course provided excellent material (statistical applications) which can be applied immediately to our own work.  I would consider enhancing the statistical sessions by giving more time to students to work with statistical applications.  …  Thank you for this opportunity. 


I felt it could also have been slightly longer as there was a wealth of information given.    


Excellent…thanks for sending the resources!



Testimonials from WASP in London, January 2017

I would highly recommend this course. Perhaps on the last day the candidates could be encouraged to bring in their own dataset and practice various statistics under supervision. This should be on the list of courses recommended by Deaneries/Colleges.


I appreciated the fact that lectures were mixed so that it was difficult to lose attention (not all stat together, not all writing together etc.).


Feedback summary:

Rate conference overall: 4.75/5

How likely are you to recommend this course? 4.75/5


  Conclusion (video) - "Write a Paper!" - WASP in London January 2017



These testimonials are were gathered from WASP courses prior to 2016.

The speakers presented sterling talks, no beating about the bush. This 3-day intensive course must become an annual appointment. MAF


Some short comments about the seminar: 1. Well organised. 2. Ideal for students. 3. Very informative. Thanking you once again for your initiative. DG


Great presentations. Very informative. The course was really great. PO


Just wanted to say thank you for a very helpful course on writing a scientific paper! Very well organised and very informative. I will definitely recommend it to colleagues. Thank you once again. KT


Informative and comprehensive, excellent speakers. Encouraged us new ones to venture in the field. Presence of a mix of professions in the audience enriched the experience. Thanks very much it was a great experience and I look forward to future courses organised both by yourself and MIME. GB


Thank you for a well organised and enjoyable seminar. AM


I would like to thank you for your organisation and leadership of the conference. It was truly an entirely positive experience. Please find some short comments: Targeted content, well-planned and executed. Excellent speakers, clear and relevant delivery. Exposure of medical students to such concepts at an earlier stage may be beneficial. EC


Eye-opener and inspirational! Intensive. Thanking you. AF


First of all thank you again for taking initiative in organising this event. The following is my feedback: Excellent pre-conference communication and resource pack. Strict time keeping. Interactive session with laptops. JV


Very informative talks. Lovely location and setting. Intense and tiring schedule. Good choice of speakers. Thanks for the lovely experience! RVB


The course was professionally prepared! The time allocated to lectures was perfect. Coffee and lunch break periods were adequate. Practical sessions with laptops was very useful! Lecturers addressed their points perfectly to be understandable by all. Thank you for this useful course and I hope there will be more similar courses in the coming future! Regards. MS


Sincere thanks for the seminar. As a final year PhD student, the presentations gave me a perfect insight of what is needed for successful publications. Keep it up - I will recommend such a seminar if it's repeated in the future. Well done. MC


The conference was very relevant to my needs. I will definitely encourage my colleagues to attend next year's conference especially those following post-graduate studies. Thank you for opening the conference to all professionals. The material covered is very scarce to find elsewhere especially if one is not a medical student/doctor or employed/studying with the University of Malta. VA


I found this course very well organised and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues. One suggestion I could make would be that maybe the course could be held in a more central location. Having said that, travelling a bit more for three days does not put one off from attending a course you would like to attend. EVZ


Carissimo Victor, Il programma ben fatto,molto utile, prattico ....complimenti!!!!! Un abbraccio forte! DN