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WASP courses are three day intensive events with formal lectures & interactive sessions. WASP was created, and is run by Prof. Victor Grech along with other Maltese academics. Write a Scientific Paper is an international and unique course that has been successfully held in Malta in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2017, and in London in 2017. Each iteration has led to fine tuning of the contents via feedback from successive attendees. The course deals not only with the writing skills and standards expected of rigorous and exacting academic work, but also the epistemological and methodological underpinnings of this style of writing.

This event is suitable for all individuals in the sciences who wish to enhance their paper writing skills by acquiring sound competences in academic writing. The course is not intended only for the medical profession.

This is a very intense three day event which facilitates all aspects of paper writing within the sciences. The course is delivered by highly experienced researchers and lecturers through formal lectures and interactive sessions. The purpose is to impart the lecturers' collective experience to the delegates in this crucial aspect of career progress.

Core subjects

All WASP events apply for 18 international
EACCME accreditation points.
    A compelling abstract.
    An attractive poster.
    A captivating presentation.
How to lay out a paper.
Which journals to target.
The viewpoint of the journal editor.
Tackling editors.
Seeking material for publication.
A paper and a thesis - the difference.
Ethics and data protection.
Excel statistical analysis modules.
Half-day, hands-on ExcelŽ stats module.


The statistics aspects are demonstrated by practical examples using real, published data within ExcelŽ, an environment with which all researchers are familiar. Attendees will be expected to have ExcelŽ installed on their own laptops and will be given ExcelŽ add-ins that carry out tasks that ExcelŽ does not natively perform. Attendees will be expected to have used ExcelŽ and to have a good working knowledge of the sofware’s basic functions, up to ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), the computer literacy certification programme standard. Prof. Grech is well suited to imparting the statics lectures, having co-written the statistics chapter in The Science of Paediatrics: MRCPCH Mastercourse (Lissauer).

Prof. Victor Grech


The last afternoon of the event consists of a half-day, practical, hands-on ExcelŽ module with statistical tests carried out simultaneously by the speaker as well as the attendees on their own laptops. The exercises involve real datasets which resulted in publications.

All presentations will be made available to the delegates as soft copy handouts, as well as all ExcelŽ add-ins used during the course, along with the papers which arose from these analyses and which were demonstrated during the talks.

At the end of the event, attendees will be presented with a certificate of attendance attesting to the 18 EACCME (CME) points that are allotted to this event.

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