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Maximise your chances of getting published.

International & intensive 3 day courses.
What they said last WASP in October 2017
In Malta and London.
All aspects of scientific paper writing.
Facilitate statistical analyses using Excel™.

Read all about it!
Grech V. WASP - Write a Scientific Paper Course: Why and How. J Vis Commun Med. 2017;40:130-134.


Quantitative statistical analysis
5-7 March 2018
AT: Malta Life Sciences Park
San Gwann, Malta
Early bird registration: €390
Registration after 15th Feb 2018: €430
MAM and MUMN discount applicable for members on registration.
This course only uses quantitative analysis. Generally more suited to medicine, pharmacy and the applied sciences (engineering etc).


Mixed qualitative & quantitative statistical analysis
AT: Les Lapins Courts, Court B F3,
Independence Ave., Mosta
Early bird registration: €390
Registration after 15th Feb 2018: €430
MAM and MUMN discount applicable for members on registration.
This course uses mixed qualitative & quantitative statistical analysis. Generally more suited to nursing and allied healthcare.


Two day course. Quantitative statistical analysis.
6-7 April 2018
AT: Arabian Gulf University,
University in Manama, Bahrain
Bahraini residents:
Early bird registration: €170. 
Registration after 15th Feb 2018: €200.
Non-Bahraini residents:
Early bird registration: €225.
Registration after 15th Feb 2018: €250.
This course only uses quantitative analysis. Generally more suited to medicine, pharmacy and the applied sciences (engineering etc).


Feedback from the last WASP course (score out of 5)

WASP Courses include

Soft copies of:
    All talks.
    All papers discussed as examples. 
All spreadsheets:
    Actual data used in published papers.
    Spreadsheets that extend Excel's native capabilities.
Half day of statistics exercises using Excel.


WASP Specific Learning Goals

A set of brief statements that describe what delegatres will be expected to learn for each presentation in WASP.

Core Subjects

Comprehensive advice on

A compelling abstract.
An attractive poster.
A captivating presentation.
How to lay out a paper.
Which journals to target.
The viewpoint of the journal editor.
Tackling editors.
Seeking material for publication.
A paper and a thesis - the difference.
Ethics and data protection.
Excel statistical analysis modules.
Half-day, hands-on stats module.

The purpose is to impart the lecturers' collective experience to the delegates in this crucial aspect of career progress.



WASP courses are three day intensive events with formal lectures & interactive sessions. WASP was created, and is run by Prof. Victor Grech along with other Maltese academics.

Write a Scientific Paper is an international and unique course that has been successfully held in Malta in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2017, and in London in 2017.

Each iteration has led to fine tuning of the contents via feedback from successive attendees. The course deals not only with the writing skills and standards expected of rigorous and exacting academic work, but also the epistemological and methodological underpinnings of this style of writing.

Statistical Analysis

Using Excel®

The statistics aspects are demonstrated by practical examples using real, published data within Excel® an environment with which all researchers are familiar.

Attendees will be expected to have Excel® installed on their own laptops and will be given Excel® add-ins that carry out tasks that Excel® does not natively perform. Attendees will be expected to have used Excel® and to have a good working knowledge of the sofware’s basic functions up to ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), the computer literacy certification programme standard.

Prof. Grech is well suited to imparting the statics lectures, having co-written the statistics chapter in The Science of Paediatrics: MRCPCH Mastercourse:

Reference: Fine-Golden M, Grech V. Statistics. In: Lissauer T, Carrol W (eds). The Science of Paediatrics MRCPCH Mastercourse (1st edition). London: Elsevier, 2016. (p. 723-738).


International CME points

All WASP events apply for 18 internationally valid  EACCME points.

This event is suitable for all individuals in the sciences who wish to enhance their paper writing skills by acquiring sound competences in academic writing.

The course is not intended only for the medical profession, and is delivered by highly experienced researchers,  lecturers and journal editors through formal lectures and interactive sessions.

Sponsors for WASP events

WASP is grateful to its sponsors for help with the courses.



WASP is organised by MIME, the Malta Institute for Medical Education.
MIME is a Faculty of ITHAMS, the Istitute of Technology, Humanities, the Arts, Medicine and Science.
Both are located at the Malta Life Sciences Park, San Gwann, Malta

WASP Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by delegates or WASP or course changes

Cancellations by delegates

To cancel attendance at a WASP (Write a Scientific Paper) event, notice of cancellation must be given by email to

If you cancel at least 30 days prior to the start of the course you will receive a full refund minus a 10% administration fee.

If you cancel between 30 and 14 days prior to the start of the course you will receive a 50% refund.

If you cancel less than 14 days before the event you will not be entitled to a refund.

No refund will be made for non-attendance on the course.

WASP will accept name changes for attendees. Please inform us at 14 days prior to the event.

Changes to course content

WASP courses are constantly updated and while we endeavour to deliver the courses as advertised there may inevitably be occasions where we have to change content without prior notice. This may involve changes to the order of the talks, to the speakers, and occasionally, even to titles of individual talks.

Cancellations by WASP

In exceptional circumstances, WASP may cancel an event. In the case of a course cancellation delegates will be offered a full refund. We will also consider any reasonable request to cover non-refundable travel arrangements if a course is cancelled within 14 days of the start day. WASP will not compensate for time spent travelling or away from the place of work. Occasionally circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel, reschedule or postpone an event, due to an unforeseen occurrence or Force Majeure. When this is the case WASP shall assume no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, claims costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever.

Force Majeure is defined as any unforeseen occurrence that renders performance of the event impossible, inadvisable, illegal or impracticable. Force Majeure includes, but is not limited to: casualty, fire, explosion, flood, earthquake or other natural disasters, an act of God, governmental restrictions or regulations, war or apparent acts of war, terrorism or apparent acts of terrorism, civil disturbances or riots, strikes, curtailment, suspension or restriction on transportation facilities and means of transportation or any other emergency.